We strategically use the sustainability, innovation and efficiency fundamentals as a guiding principle.


As a forward thinking company we thrive on unique and ambitious projects that will benefit from our fundamental believe in sustainability, innovation and efficiency.

Working collaboratively with our clients and JV partners, we pride ourselves on understanding and protecting their needs. We explore all options, create strategy and think outside the box to maximise returns. An overview of our area of expertise includes;

  1. Sites selection and title verification
  2. Identify and analyse investment and development options
  3. Undertake feasibility appraisals and cash flows
  4. Negotiate legal agreements
  5. Secure vacant possession
  6. Secure planning consent
  7. Develop and own a detailed budget
  8. Secure finance
  9. Prepare development and phasing programme
  10. Create brand for the development
  11. Develop and implement sales and leasing strategy
  12. Real Estate Advisory & Strategic Consultancy

Our job does not stop at delivering developments; incidentally that’s where it starts. Our direct development experience across all stages of the development circle means we look at assets from a client mind-set.

We develop strategy for our investing clients and look at the short, medium to long term in developing it.

  1. Facilities Management

The true value of an asset is in the care and attention it receives after it has been developed. We maintain a pool of tradesmen who imbibe our company ethos in the management our developments and those of our clients.

We maintain an open book accounts policy in the management of all Service Charge arrangements and these are in keeping with the RICS code for Service Charge.

  1. Asset Management

We always aim to unlock the long-term value potential of the schemes we are involved in.

We do this by understanding where the final development should be positioned to meet demand, trends and value aspirations. Our team will then formulate and implement a strategy to get there.

As developers and chartered surveyors, we are able to see opportunities that many commercial asset managers overlook; this enables us to unlock significant hidden value.

  1. Human Capital Development

Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business  –


A huge effort within the company is dedicated to the development of local talents. We believe that to sustain the development aspiration in the country and bridge the huge deficit in housing provision, the private sector will need to find, nourish and upgrade the current talent pool to international standards.