Logistics & Transportation Services


With vast transportation experience within the logistics and transportation sector, the EAP Group can demonstrate for our clients a solution that creates value, reduces costs, and streamlines the processes within their supply chain.

We achieve this by establishing a reciprocal open relationship with our client. We then review and study the client’s entire supply chain, harnessing the power of our technologies and experience to produce detailed, accurate data, that becomes part of the client’s profile. We align our customers with the carriers that offer on time performance, customer strong customer service, both regionally and nationally, making sure we always offer the best fitted service providers.

Our proven approach and methods allow us to build a solid foundation for our clients supply chains. We build upon a proactive network that will stand the test of market changes; economic variables, capacity, labour, etc., as well enable future network growth as the client’s business expands and/or evolves.

Over the years our experienced operations staff have developed a large network of core carriers that we partner with to move our client’s truckloads all over Sierra Leone and in some other African countries. We believe in creating a reciprocal partnership with our carrier partners that go beyond the last load, we look for strategic partnerships that support all parties; this is the strategic approach vs. tactical, single use carriers. 

As our team builds repeat and on-going business with our carrier partners, we create trust and synergistic relationships that further help to strengthen our clients supply chains, with a sense of urgency, value and reliability that our clients have come to appreciate.

With this approach we can provide our clients with quality, dependable drivers whose goals are aligned with ours, helping to ensure that our customers need, and goals are met.