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About Us

The Sierraprenuers Elite Business network is a club of seasoned emerging and existing Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs, who are being mentored, coached, trained, and guided on becoming the next business leaders in Africa.
The Sierrapreneurs Elite business network’s unique positioning is based on capacity development, investment facilitations as well as economic development of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone under the trade guidance of the AfCFTA Business Network, which spans across 54 Africa nations.


Mentorship as proven in emerging and developed nations across the world, is an effective tool used to transfer business knowledge, perpetuate wisdom and expertise across generations.
Mentoring relationships between mentors who are generally more experienced and knowledgeable business owners or experts in their specific fields and mentees who are less experienced or knowledgeable, have existed throughout history.
However, business peers have always been and are still the most underutilized source of mentoring support.
While it is important to identify highly successful individuals whom you like, respect, and trust to mentor you, remember that someone at the top of their field may not necessarily be ideal for what you need. So, do not pursue someone just because they are successful and famous; rather, identify different mentors at different levels whom you can relate to and who share your goals and understand your priorities. Hence why you need the Sierrapreneurs Elite Business Network
At the Sierrapreneurs Elite Business Network, It is important to us to find a mentor you can see yourself becoming.

Peer - to - Peer Business Mentorship

Our In-House Peer – to – Peer Mentors are young, dynamic and result oriented Sierrapreneurs themselves, from diverse business sectors ranging Agribusiness, Culture, Tourism & Entertainment, ICT, Multimedia, Trade to mention but a few.

Investment Facilitation For Enterprenuers

Business Development Training, Networking, Website Creation, International Travel Opportunity, Digital And Brand Marketing

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